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The terms of lot 20 are ambiguous. 

We aim to sort the fact from the fiction surrounding the eco design directive.

While providing you with LOT20 compliant Eco design products

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The basics

Discover what Lot 20 Eco design is. Find out what the new regulation states, which products are covered and how they are changing. As well as why more efficient heaters will benefit you.  

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The impact

A "lot" is changing....

Discover the widespread impact of LOT20 on electric heating. Many exiting products will no longer be available. How will Lot20 regulations effect you.  

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The Products

Discover what what is required to make heaters compliant. The energy saving features required and a range of products and suppliers that we have selected.

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Lot20 eco design

Remove inefficient products


The new LOT20 regulations increase the minim standard for space heaters. By law all heaters must comply to this standard. 

Increase efficiency


Almost half of the energy used in homes is used on heating. LOT20 plays a major part in decreasing the UK's energy usage. 

Reduce consumption


LOT 20 will help achieve the UK's commitment to reduce carbon emissions. 

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