LOT20 Panel Heaters


From the start of 2018 all manufactures will have to produce LOT20 complaint products. Otherwise they will not be able to be supplied in the UK or EU. 

Manufactures such as Dimplex and ADAX, have had to face this challenge. New products have been made to be ready for LOT20

The ADAX's range of electric heaters are an example of fine looking Eco Design compliant. The best part is, the price hasn't changed !

Out With the Old, and In With the New

Like everyone, ADAX have had to move with the times. Gone are the days of their original Glamox heaters of the 60's. Where you could simply tun on the heaters. Now with the LOT20 eco design directive things are a bit more complicated, but a lot more efficient.

The NEO is without doubt one of the best looking heaters available, with the awards to back its pretty face up. The sleek and slim design and its 5 years guarantee was the heaters UPS. Many copied the design making similar looking heaters but weren't the same quality with half the guarantee. (Which is always worth keeping an eye on)

Now, ADAX have released their S5 and S5.2 heaters. Fully ECO design compliant. To achieve this, the slim panel heater has had a complete overhaul. With inbuilt weekly timer, adaptive start and open window detection. The new Neo is far more efficient than the last and eco design compliant. The price has hardily changed, which is brilliant considering the increased tech upgrade.  

Also in the range is the ADAX clea and the NEO WiFI. Incorporating smart phone connectivity. Which for an extra £ 40 ish, is defiantly worth considering. 

The classical budget friendly ECO and VP models are no longer in production. However a new LOT20 version of the VP11 is expected to arrive mid 2018. Which is sure to be a budget friendly alternative .

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