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ECO Design Jargon


Electric heating supplier, Richmond Radiators, talk us through what the new eco design features. 

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ADAX achieving EDD compliance


See how European manufacture ADAX have archived LOT20 ECO design compliance. With their new 2018 heater range

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LOT20 Radiator Elements


See the new radiator element tailored to meet LOT 20  eco design regulations. For a comfortable energy efficient bathroom 

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Distance control


Distance control over your home heating is key to increasing efficiency with your hectic, lifestyle. See how WiFI heating sytems help lower your energy consumption. 

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Low cost LOT20 Heaters


With LOT20, more technology than ever is required to be integrated into the heaters. Many budget ranges are. We have found a few "budget friendly" ECO design space heaters. See our recommendations here.

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