LOT 20 Electric heaters


LOT20 Panel and Convector Heaters

Form the first of January 2018 all panel heaters manufactured for sale in the UK must be lot 20 compliant. They will be economical than before. The following must be integrated.  

  1. Electric room thermostat and weekly timer
  2. One or more of the features below :

Distance Control- Ability to control the heaters from outside the building. Eg WiFi control


Adaptive Start- Determines the optimum time to initiate the heating programme. So the desired temperature is achieved by the time requested.(e.g if scheduled to come on for 7am will begin at 6.30) Eliminating wasted energy from user estimation. 

Open window detection- Scenes an open window or door. Then economically turns the heater off.  

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lot20 Electric Heaters

At it's core, LOT20 is a contribution to the UK's carbon emission commitments. 

For the public,the mayor plus side of LOT20 is that electric heaters will be more economical. Saving money on your energy bills over the lifespan of the heater. 

Every heater has an efficiency rating of at least 30%. To be compliant the heater must be 38% efficiency. This is how the 8% difference is made up:

(This is intrinsically separate to the 100% energy to heat efficiency some manufactures show) 


+7% for an electronic room temperature control plus week timer

+5% for an electronic room temperature control plus day timer

+3% for electronic room temperature control

+1% mechanical thermostat room temperature control

+1% for room temperature control with open window detection

+1% with distance control option

+1% with adaptive start control (eg. Wi-Fi compatibility)

Incorporating these features will reduce, the time for which the heater is operating. Less energy will be be wasted.    

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