LOT20 Jargon and Terminology.

What does that mean?

The start 2018 marked a turning point in electric heating. 

All of  a sudden, previously unknown,  features were being used on heaters. 

Functions such as "adaptive start" were with technical names, stated to sprout around the market, but....

What do they mean?


How does this benefit you?

Like a lot of people, you may be struggling to determine what the LOT20 terminology means. 

Richmond Radiators tells us more 

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Weekly Programmer

We always say that the most important energy saving feature, is the weekly programmer. Essentially, this lets you schedule when the heaters comes on and off. Ideally the heater's timer means it is heating for less time. So minimum energy is used or wasted.


Adaptive Eco Start

Adaptive start is anticipation programme for the heaters schedule. The heater determines the optimum time to start heating. You just tell the heater when you want the room to reach the desired temperature. Then leave the heater to figure out the rest.   


Open Window Detection

Or futility protection. This means that the heater can recognise when a window / door has been opened. Most commonly, how hard the heater is working is compared to the change in temperature. In turn, this shuts the heater down so energy isn't being wasted . 


Outside Control

Outside control allows you to control the heater form outside the building. The primary way this is done is through WiFi connectivity. Remote access is really useful in efficiently managing your home heating.