LOW COST lOT20 Heaters

Increased Efficiency, Increased Prices?

NEW 2018 electric heaters are more efficient. By using less energy, over their life span, they will be cheaper to use. But this increase in efficiency does't mean they  cost an arm and a leg to buy. 

Long and short term savings.

Our top pick is the NEW 2018 TESY range. Which fits the bill as a LOT20 ECO design heater, with top class reliability that doesn't brake the bank. 

Where to Buy

We have sourced a few retailers with reasonably priced LOT20 heaters: 



CNO4 & CN024

Naturally, as ECO design compliant heaters are more technologically advanced, they will be expensive to buy? Well this isn't the case with the 2018 TESY range. 

With prices starting at £110 for the most popular 2KW you are certainly getting a lot of "bang for your buck". Sure, there may be slightly cheaper alternatives. But when you bare in mind the outstanding 5 year guarantee. The TESY's life span is much longer, boosting the long term savings this heater delivers ( which is what LOT20 is all about). Nothing comes close in terms of value for money and efficiency. Especially when you consider that many of the cheaper alternatives are made in China and the shipping emissions this causes. 

The CN024 and 04 both have all the energy saving features required for LOT20 compliance. Open window detection and adaptive start  are included. But the weekly timer is the real  stand out feature here. Sticking the correct balance between simplicity and detail. Even an idiot such as myself was able to program the full 24 hour (30 min intervals) weekly timer. Which is a feet for someone who thinks a hard drive is an old rover ! 

All in all the TESY is my recommendation. It ticks all the boxes for an eco design heater, with its modest price tag and reliability. 

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