How will lot20 affect you ?

Who does lot20 affect ?


1st January

Lot 20 EDD will effect from the January 1st 2018. From This date, all applicable product must comply with this regulation. 

Non compliant product can still be supplied, as long as it was manufactured before the 1st January 2018.

Speak to your supplier if you are unsure whether your current product ranges are compliant or not. 


Distributors & Suppliers

From the 1st of January non complaint products will no longer be in production. 

For a short period of time, left over, non compliant, stock will still be available. Once they are sold out they will no longer be available.

This time is an opportunity for suppliers some time to transition customers onto new product ranges. 


End users and the general public

The end user will benefit from more technologically advanced products. Low quality inefficient heaters will no longer be alienable. You will not have to replace your existing heaters in your home. 


With the introduction more energy efficient product, you will reduce your energy consumption thus decreasing energy bills. With the new MEES regulations affecting landlords from April, Lot 20 compliant heaters will help you reduce your EPC rating .  

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