Distance control

Distance control is the ability to have remote control of your heater, from outside the building. 

The most popular and accessible way to do this is through WiFi control. 

Like a lot of people, your life may be unpredictable. You don't have a daily routine to plan your heating scheduled around. 

You don't want to heat an empty house. 

Distance control is key to manging your heating effectively 

Turning Smart ?

While sometimes it may not seem like we are getting smarter, Undoubtedly our homes are.... 

WiFi automated heating is more than a buzz for techy types. It is a incredibly practical way to manage your electric heating.

By turning your heating on and off regardless of your location. You will never leave your heating on by accident again. So weather you going for a vacation or arriving home early, WiFi heaters provide spontaneous flexibility. For example, systems such as the ADAX WiFi have an away mode built into the heater. So if you are going on holiday, you can use away mode for a week or so.

In terms of efficiency, the main advantage of wifi heating is that you can turn your heaters off remotely. Traditionally, you have to program a weekly schedule and lave it. The anytime, anywhere element of WiFi heaters solves this problem. Resulting in more accuracy and control over your home. 

Also, systems such as the TESY WIIF have smart meters integrated. Which records how much energy is being used to calculate how much operating the heater is costing you.